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Premier Comfort Plus® Padded Fancy Stitch Hunter Bridle

Premier Comfort Plus® Padded Fancy Stitch Hunter Bridle


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An attractive, comfortable hunter bridle perfect for everyday use. The Comfort Plus® crown offers additional comfort around your horse's ears and sensitive poll area. A nice entry level bridle great for local level shows or for training, with upgraded features. Crafted from premium grade buffalo leather, hand rubbed and oiled. Complete with padding and fancy stitching. Comes with matching 5/8" x 54" long laced reins.

Crown is generously padded and has a slight cut out around the back of the ears where horses can be most sensitive. Slots on each side of the crown allow for the caveson strap to feed up and over the crown to keep a flat smooth leather piece over your horse's poll.

Raised dark thread with fancy stitch detailing on the browband and caveson, for additional eye appeal at home or in the show ring.

Stainless steel cheek buckles, caveson buckles and hook studs won't rust and will hold up to daily use.

The crown piece, 1" browband, and 1" caveson are generously padded for additional all day comfort for your horse.

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