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Lux® Ceramic Therapy Air Mesh Stable Sheet

Lux® Ceramic Therapy Air Mesh Stable Sheet


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The Lux Ceramic Therapy® Air Mesh Sheet can be used as an ideal lightweight summer stable sheet with the benefits of ceramic sheets for horses. Ceramic therapy is a cost-effective and powerful rehab, recovery, and preventative maintenance solution. This sheet increases circulation and speeds up pre-performance warm-up to help keep your horse loose and limber while aiding in post-workout recovery or rehabilitation from injuries, soreness, and overall inflammation or arthritis pain. The ceramic fibers in Lux® reflect heat into the body as far infrared rays (FIR). Ceramic sheets for horses are a quick and easy way to give your horse daily therapy without the need to supervise or stand with them using other devices. FIR expands blood vessels and increases circulation, allowing the body to fuel working muscles and repair damage more efficiently. Ceramic therapy eases soreness in the shoulders, scapula, withers, and hips. Great for sensitive-backed and older, arthritic horses. Apply the sheet pre-performance, between classes, post-performance, or while trailering for the full benefits to your horse.


  • Lightweight 210-gram ceramic mesh
  • Euro fit sheet is contoured over the back and hips
  • Nylon-lined front & shoulders
  • 2 buckle open front with hook and loop assist
  • Criss-cross surcingle closure & detachable hind leg straps
  • Fleece at the wither
  • Chrome plated hardware
  • Brand: Lux Ceramic Therapy®
  • Not recommended for turnout or use on pregnant mares
  • We recommend introducing treatment gradually: limit use to 4 hours daily for the first 2-3 days
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