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Lami-Cell Come Best Therapeutic Quilted Wraps

Lami-Cell Come Best Therapeutic Quilted Wraps


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Lami Cell Come Best Pillow Wraps use Anion and Infared technology to help your horse perform at his absolute best.

What is Anion and how does it affect the body?

Due to intense physical activity, large amounts of lactic acid accumulate in the muscle; this is the main cause of fatigue and pain in the horses body. Anion is an important factor in the elimination of lactic acid, which is verified in the use of Anion chains by many professional athletes today. The Anion-adding properties of the material in the COME BEST line will effectively add negative ions to the horses blood stream and promote an appropriate ion balance in the body. This rebalance of ions will aid in purifying the blood and activating cells, which helps to eliminate lactic acid, regulate the autonomic nervous system and, thereby, increase endurance.

What about Far-Infared?

The Far-Infrared thermal healing therapy fibers used in these products help to ensure that energy radiated by the horses body is recovered to contribute to thermal insulation and to increase blood circulation. This will gently heal, soothe, and stimulate the muscular system to recover more quickly, which may, in turn, improve the immune system and help eliminate the effects of fatigue.

The Pillow Wraps features:

  • 15 MM foam
  • Made of soft and durable fabric
  • Anion and Far-Infrared lining for better recovery
  • Helps to reduce heat and swelling in legs and relieve arthritic / stiff joints
  • Wraps conform to horse's leg for protection and support
  • Secures with 6'' long x 1.5'' wide Velcro closures
  • Comes with a carry bag
  • Sold as a pair.


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