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Joseph Sterling® Padded Poll Relief Monocrown English Bridle

Joseph Sterling® Padded Poll Relief Monocrown English Bridle

Joseph Sterling

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Joseph Sterling leather goods are crafted from the finest English leather which is hand selected from J & E Sedgwick & Co. LTD. The comfort, quality, and resilience of Joseph Sterling tack will exceed your expectations. Featuring 13 to 15 stitches per inch, hand rubbed beveled edges, and stainless hardware, all Joseph Sterling products are designed to last. Comes with 5/8" x 54" laced reins with contrasting cream stitching.

The crown is made with padded side panels lifting the center of the crown off of the horse's sensitive poll area. Wider 2 1/2" in the middle dispersing more even pressure and tapering to 1".

The browband and the noseband have a stylish yet classic cream colored fancy stitching which is sure to stand out on any horse both during schooling or in the show ring.

The 1 3/8" noseband is slighly wider and padded dispersing pressure more evenly and over a wider area which is a benefit to more sensitive nosed horses.

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