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Horze Nylon Lunging Surcingle

Horze Nylon Lunging Surcingle


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Work and train your horse with ease in the Horze Lunging Surcingle.

This comfortable surcingle is made of easy to care for nylon with stuffed synthetic leather along the back for comfort. Features multiple rings along the top and side for the easy attachment of training aids like side reins or long lines for lunging or ground driving. Horse size adjusts from 67" to 79" for use on a wide variety of horses.

  • Easy to use training surcingle allows the use of a variety of training tools
  • Durable nylon and synthetic leather construction
  • Multiple rings allow for the use of side reins or other aids at the right point for your horse
  • CHOICE OF SIZES. Available in multiple sizes for the perfect fit.
  • Buckle adjustments on both sides for an easy to adjust fit
  • Usable on a wide variety of horses
  • Adjustable to fit from 67" to 79" (horse size)
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