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FES® Rubber Loose Ring Snaffle Bit - 5"

FES® Rubber Loose Ring Snaffle Bit - 5"


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The soft and gentle FES Rubber Snaffle O-Ring is a popular bit choice for young horses and sensitive-mouthed horses. This rubber snaffle O-ring bit allows the mouthpiece to move with the horse and reduces the nutcracker effect. The rubber covering of the mouthpiece acts as a cushion and pacifier effect to encourage horses to accept the bit.


  • Rubber-covered O-ring snaffle bit
  • Great for very sensitive-mouthed, young, or green horses
  • The TPU rubber cover is softer and acts as a pacifier without being hard like traditional metal mouthpieces
  • Applies pressure to the tongue and bars while sending a clear but soft signal
  • 5" mouthpiece
  • 3 1/2" loose O-ring cheekpiece
  • 5/8" bars taper to 7/16" in the middle
  • Brand: FES
  • Metal core with a TPU rubber cover
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