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FES® Ported Barrel Kimberwick Bit - 5"

FES® Ported Barrel Kimberwick Bit - 5"


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The Ported Barrel Kimberwick offers a comfort zone when the horse is relaxed and flexed at the poll. This bit functions as both a direct action and leverage bit using a curb strap or chain. If the rein is attached to the top hook, it works as a direct action bit, exerting the same amount of pressure on the mouth as on the reins. If the rein is attached to the bottom hook, it works like a leverage bit, tilting the mouthpiece forward and applying pressure to parts of the mouth, curb and poll.


  • Outstanding choice for horses that know the basics and moving to the next level
  • Works mainly off the bars of the mouth and allows horses to swallow
  • Reins slots offer separate leverage options to achieve desired results
  • Top slot offers direct action and lower puts pressure on the mouth, curb and poll
  • Stainless steel mouthpiece and cheeks with wide barrel port
  • Curb hooks and chain are included
  • Port height: 1"
  • Mouth: 5"
  • Bit diameter: 10mm
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