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FES® Correction D Ring Bit without Hooks - 5"

FES® Correction D Ring Bit without Hooks - 5"


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A nice bit for the intermediate to advanced horse. The port creates downward pressure on the tongue with moderate pallet pressure. This bit does not have curb hooks or a chain so there is no added pressure on the chin.


  • A nice bit for horses at the intermediate levels of training programs
  • 3 1/2" stainless steel dees and ported mouthpiece with copper inlay
  • Copper encourages salivation and increases sensitivity within the mouth
  • Jointed correction mouth applies pressure to the palate and bars
  • Jointed mouth allows each side of the bit to work separately
  • Mouth: 5"
  • Port height: 1"
  • Bit diameter: 10mm
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