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Dura-Tech® Magnetic Therapy Sheet - White

Dura-Tech® Magnetic Therapy Sheet - White


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Dura-Tech magnetic sheets have been proven to accelerate healing and recovery in horses by increasing blood flow to reduce inflammation and ease soreness. Ideal for treating arthritic discomfort, as well as muscle tightness and stiffness due to exertion or injury.

Made of lightweight mesh (350 D) featuring an open front, surcingle closure with hind leg straps. Contains over 90 strategically placed unipolar magnets for optimal penetration. Magnets measure 1100 GAUSS which is low to medium penetration. Each magnet is sewn into a neoprene pocket. Machine wash in cold water on the gentle cycle. Line dry.

Proven therapeutic method of accelerated healing and recovery. Increases blood flow, reduces inflammation and eases soreness.

Recommended to be used in short intervals - Start with intervals of 30 minutes (gradually increase time to achieve desired results). DO NOT exceed 8 hours of continuous use. DO NOT use while exercising.

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