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XTR Tendon Boots with Synthetic Sheepskin - Black

XTR Tendon Boots with Synthetic Sheepskin - Black


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Norton XTR tendon boots with fur interior are open on the front with a ventilated polyurethane shell.

Very resistant and robust, they are lined with synthetic fur for greater comfort and protection, ideal for absorbing shocks and at the same time helping to reduce pressure on the tendons and limit friction.

They can be used for jumping, flat work or a leisurely stroll. They provide effective protection against damage, irritation or abrasion.

They close with 2 Velcro straps that keep them perfectly in place.

Sold in pairs.

Composition: polyurethane, 50% acrylic, 50% polyester

Maintenance Tips: Use a clean brush to remove dirt and dust. If necessary, clean with water.

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