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Premier Petite Dressage Bridle

Premier Petite Dressage Bridle


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The Premier line of leather goods are crafted from premium buffalo leather. The suppleness of this entry-level tack is astounding. Whether at local shows or training at home, the Premier line is sure to impress. Thousands of satisfied horsemen shop the Premier brand with confidence, knowing that there is no better value. 5/8" x 54" leather reins with hand stops are included.

Padded crown eliminates pressure around sensitive ears and poll. The crown is cut away behind both ears to reduce irritating rubbing, especially on sensitive horses. The caveson strap feeds through slots in each side of the crown keeping a smooth crown against the horse's poll.

7/8" browband and 1 " caveson - refined for small headed horses so the bridle does not take away from the prettiness of the horse's head. Great for refined mares, and small headed breeds.

The flash strap is 100% removeable and has a fold-away flash option. The loop conceals within the padded crank caveson when not in use, for a neat and tidy appearance.

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