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Horze Chicago Fetlock Hind Boots - Cashmere Light Blue

Horze Chicago Fetlock Hind Boots - Cashmere Light Blue


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Colorful options and a simple design make the Horze Fetlock Boots a great choice.

The hard outer shell protects the fetlock from knocks as the horse lands after a jump and takes a stride or plays rough during turnout causing injury to the fetlock. The strong hook and loop closure keeps the boot from opening, and the soft neoprene lining keeps the skin from rubbing.

Protect Your Horses Legs: Protect your horses fetlocks from strikes, knocks, and scrapes with these sturdy fetlock boots. Theyre perfect for show-jumping, cross-country and eventing.

Comfort For Hours: The soft neoprene lining acts as a cushioning which prevents painful discomfort and rubbing. Theyre great for long hours on the trail or in the ring.

Secure Fit: Strong hook-and-loop fasteners provide the perfect balance of snug and stretch, allowing the boots to stay in place without cutting off circulation. Your horses stay protected and comfortable even in wet or muddy conditions. These boots are perfectly suitable for horses that interfere in the hind.

Pairs Well With Horze Tendon Boots: For a complete set, order a matching pair of Horze Tendon Boots for the front legs.

Easy Clean: Simply wipe using a damp cloth to get rid of dirt.


 Size Length Width
Shetland 3.74" 3.34"
Pony 4.52" 3.74"
Cob 4.60" 4.02"
Full 5.51" 4.72"


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