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ExionPro Innovative Combined Flash Anatomic Bridle {European Leather}

ExionPro Innovative Combined Flash Anatomic Bridle {European Leather}

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Innovative combined Flash unique cut anatomic bridle. A padded bridle with a good amount of padding on the crownpiece in order to free the ears of the house. The most unique characteristics of this new tack are that Nose-band & Cheek pieces are on some straps.

Crafted with elite quality leather which is the best and foremost used around the globe and delivers a smooth finish along with attractive looks for schooling purposes and show ring.

Each stitch is precisely sewn and counts up to 10 to 12 stitches per inch with heavy-duty cotton threads that are trimmed to impart clean and finished looks in order to retain optimum durability and beauty.

Smoothly finished and curved with special polish & lacquered on premium quality Buckles for long-lasting results.

Matching rubber reins included.

European English Leather upgraded from the base Vegetable Tanned Leather.

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