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Easy-Up® Hook On Car Seat Saddle Rack

Easy-Up® Hook On Car Seat Saddle Rack


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Easily transport your english saddle to and from lessons or shows in your car safely. This saddle rack attaches under your headrest around the bars. It will fit all standard vehicle headrest bars. Will fit all standard vehicle headrest bars approximately 5.8" apart from center of left bar to center of right bar. Easily attaches and detaches with screws. Welded support flaps with non-slip grip material to help your saddle stay in place during the drive. 20" L X 7"W X 4 1/4" H.

Simply unscrew the back mounting plate, insert the back of the rack around the headrest bars, attach the mount back on, and screw both pieces together until secure - no need to overtighten.

It is welded at a 95-degree angle, allowing your saddle to sit more supported during travel to prevent slippage. This english saddle rack includes a non-slip grip along the top of the support flaps. 17 3/4" L The saddle rack spine measuring 17 3/4" L will accommodate all English saddles.

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